Coffee picking

Christmas on St Helena is coffee-picking time! 2021 was a pretty wet year, but that means it was a good year for some of our young coffee bushes. Today we picked several buckets of ripe coffee berries, which we’ll soak overnight tonight and de-skin (“pulp”) tomorrow.

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  1. Jill Flagg-Young says:

    Just had a cuppa of Wranghams coffee – a wonderful birthday present from my mum and sister so I’ve got 2 packets! Savouring the flavour. Its beautiful coffee thank you Debbie and Neil. So enjoyed seeing you on the 8th March 2022 – can you believe it 5 months ago!! You were the perfect hostess Debbie and I’ll definitely wax lyrical about your coffee to all who’ll listen!! See you again I hope in a few years time!! Carry on with your business and being you x

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  2. neilfantom says:

    Thank you Jill – so glad you enjoyed it, I had such a lovely chat with your mum when I took it round to her as well, so it was a double win! Don’t wait too long to make the trip back!! Best, Neil & Debbie


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