Try our coffee!

Try some St Helena Coffee from our plantation at historic Wranghams in beautiful Sandy Bay! We are a small coffee producer, but we sell 125g bags of either roasted beans or ground coffee at reasonable prices (currently £8 per 125g bag, excluding any shipping costs). Contact us to find out more. St Helena Coffee is…

Stay at our Cottage!

The Cottage at Wranghams is a self-catering flat next door to the main house. With unique, beautiful views of the greenery of Diana’s peak it makes lovely base for a break in the country, away from the heat and hustle of Jamestown.

Home hosting

Come and have a meal or tea with us at Wranghams! We offer various options, including ‘home hosting’ meals and afternoon teas on our lawn or in the back conservatory. We aim to use local produce as much as possible, including from our own garden, and we also use our own grown and roasted Wranghams…


It’s only a lemon – but it’s one of the first that we’ve managed to grow on ourselves!


“The doctor of the future will give no medication but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease” – Thomas Edison

Tea at Wranghams

It was a damp old day today, but our spirits were raised when a few people showed up for home-hosted tea: homemade spinach bread, banana fritters, medlum juice (medlums are a delicious type of guava, but small and red) were just some of the goodies on offer! And of course some cappuccinos made with fresh-roasted…

Baking for breakfast!

We’re welcoming our first overnight guests in our new cottage, and it’s home-made bread, bagels and other goodies for breakfast! And Wranghams coffee, of course!

Coffee picking

Christmas on St Helena is coffee-picking time! 2021 was a pretty wet year, but that means it was a good year for some of our young coffee bushes. Today we picked several buckets of ripe coffee berries, which we’ll soak overnight tonight and de-skin (“pulp”) tomorrow.


Every year a few intrepid fairy terms (common white terns, lay their eggs on branches of our eucalyptus trees at the back of the house. They have no nest – eggs just rest on an indentation in the branch – and the single chick has to cling on, literally for dear life. Should they…

Bread for brunch!

It’s brunch tomorrow, with bread made with fresh basil, feta, olives, and sun-dried tomatoes! And Wranghams coffee, of course! Yum!

Mmmm…afternoon tea!

Some lucky folks are coming for a home hosted afternoon tea today! Fresh tuna pate, St Helena tomato paste, home baked scones with home made medlum (a type of guava) jam, cappuccino made from fresh roasted Wranghams coffee, all on the menu! Yum!!!


It takes a bit of effort, but it’s worth it – home baked bagels served classic American style with smoked salmon, vegan cream cheese (made with cashews and tahini) and home grown salad for breakfast. All washed down with some delicious home grown and fresh roasted Wranghams St Helena coffee, the best in the world!