Bread for brunch!

It’s brunch tomorrow, with bread made with fresh basil, feta, olives, and sun-dried tomatoes! And Wranghams coffee, of course! Yum!

Mmmm…afternoon tea!

Some lucky folks are coming for a home hosted afternoon tea today! Fresh tuna pate, St Helena tomato paste, home baked scones with home made medlum (a type of guava) jam, cappuccino made from fresh roasted Wranghams coffee, all on the menu! Yum!!!


It takes a bit of effort, but it’s worth it – home baked bagels served classic American style with smoked salmon, vegan cream cheese (made with cashews and tahini) and home grown salad for breakfast. All washed down with some delicious home grown and fresh roasted Wranghams St Helena coffee, the best in the world!

Wranghams coffee

We have a few coffee trees on our small plantation, all from the original green-tipped boutbon arabica plants brought from Mocha in Yemem back in the eighteenth century. This year we harvested, pulped, dried.and hulled about 20 kilos – we roast it as we drink it.

Duck eggs and hens eggs

We’ve hens and ducks – hens eggs are the brown ones on the left, and the duck eggs are the larger pale ones on the right. Eggs from our six Muscovy ducks are delicious – a little bit richer than hens eggs.


Even when the ground is parched and dry, nature keeps on giving!

Foraging for mulberries!

Today’s daily picking, mulberries! The mulberry tree is a gift that keeps on giving. Foraging is fun!

The plum trees are blossoming

We’ve a few old plum trees in the front garden, and it’s spring here on St Helena around October time – which means misty rain and cool weather. And it’s time for the plum trees to flower!

Pak choy

Pak choy is easy to grow in the polytunnel.

Butternut Squash

Butternut squash grows perfectly in the climate here in Sandy Bay – and it makes delicious soup!