Coffee picking

Christmas on St Helena is coffee-picking time! 2021 was a pretty wet year, but that means it was a good year for some of our young coffee bushes. Today we picked several buckets of ripe coffee berries, which we’ll soak overnight tonight and de-skin (“pulp”) tomorrow.

Duck eggs and hens eggs

We’ve hens and ducks – hens eggs are the brown ones on the left, and the duck eggs are the larger pale ones on the right. Eggs from our six Muscovy ducks are delicious – a little bit richer than hens eggs.

The plum trees are blossoming

We’ve a few old plum trees in the front garden, and it’s spring here on St Helena around October time – which means misty rain and cool weather. And it’s time for the plum trees to flower!

Pak choy

Pak choy is easy to grow in the polytunnel.