Stay at our Cottage!

The Cottage at Wranghams is a self-catering flat next door to the main house. With unique, beautiful views of the greenery of Diana’s peak it makes lovely base for a break in the country, away from the heat and hustle of Jamestown.

Bread for brunch!

It’s brunch tomorrow, with bread made with fresh basil, feta, olives, and sun-dried tomatoes! And Wranghams coffee, of course! Yum!

Mmmm…afternoon tea!

Some lucky folks are coming for a home hosted afternoon tea today! Fresh tuna pate, St Helena tomato paste, home baked scones with home made medlum (a type of guava) jam, cappuccino made from fresh roasted Wranghams coffee, all on the menu! Yum!!!

Home hosting

Come and have a meal or tea with us at Wranghams! We offer various options, including ‘home hosting’ meals and afternoon teas on our lawn or in the back conservatory. We aim to use local produce as much as possible, including from our own garden, and we also use our own grown and roasted Wranghams…